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The Leadership Talent Pool

Identifying and developing the leadership talent pool of an organization is a key strategic issue. Executives recognize the impact of insufficient or inappropriately trained leaders. Putting in place a disciplined approach to identify successors and manage the readiness of the organization to fill current key leadership positions as well as future requirements is a top priority for executive teams.

Leadership Competencies, a Basis for Effective Leadership Development

Effective leadership development rests on the identification of leadership competencies for the organization. This process results in common language across the organization, which can be used in leadership development and in other related programs. We use an objective process to help executive teams develop, validate and communicate the leadership competencies for their organization.

Leadership Development

As with any other organizational process, effective leadership development will only take place when there is a process for making it happen. Using the organization’s leadership competencies, we go beyond traditional training and help executive teams put in place proven methodologies to help build and sustain leadership capacity which is aligned with the organization’s vision, strategies and objectives.

Continuous Learning for Leaders

Leadership is a developed skill. This requires purposeful development of key competencies and continuous practice in the context of the organization. Leaders face many competing priorities in achieving their objectives for the organization. Their own development is rarely a priority and needs continuous attention and a focused plan. Leadership coaching supplements the normal employee/supervisor relationship and accelerates learning by using a continuous process that encourages new and emerging leaders to try new approaches in the course of performing their day-to-day responsibilities and in doing so, discover leadership techniques that work for them to become the leaders they truly want to be.

Integration Management

The transition period following the appointment of individuals to key leadership positions, for both internal and external appointments, is an important time to accelerate the individual’s ability to integrate successfully and to become fully productive as quickly as possible. Our approach, based on individualized plans with opportunities to measure progress, speeds up the integration process to enable new appointees to build momentum and be productive in a timely manner.

Meeting /Retreat Facilitation

Management meetings and retreats, among other objectives, provide unique opportunities to develop and reinforce leadership skills. We assist in the planning and facilitate corporate visioning, planning, operational and team building events to achieve organizational objectives while leveraging opportunities for leadership development.

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