What makes a good leader?

Successful and forward thinking organizations recognize leadership as a critical element for the creation of high performance. Leaders create the environment where others strive to excel. They raise the expectations in their organizations to achieve what they truly want for the future. They model behaviors...

Leadership is a developed skill. If we look at the great leaders throughout history, there is not a specific type of person that makes a leader but rather the dedication and execution of learning and executing the required skills for the challenges of the situation. This requires a purposeful development of required skills and continuous practice. Leaders face many competing priorities in achieving the objectives of the organization. Their personal development needs continuous attention and a disciplined ongoing focused plan.

How are you enhancing the potential of your leaders?

Employees do not leave their organizations, they leave the leadership environment. This holds true for all sizes and types or companies. People want to be listened to and to feel valued. They want to contribute and be recognized. Research shows clearly that today’s employees place a high value on personal development and growth. They want to be challenged and will purposely seek out organizations that hold and demonstrate this commitment to development as core organization values and principles.

Employees look for leaders that model the values of the organization, are adaptable in their leadership style and accommodating to the situation and the various needs of their team members.

As a forward thinking organization you may have already taken a conscientious look at your structures and programs from a leadership development perspective. Where do you begin? Maybe your needs are clear and you require some assistance with the design and development towards a successful launch. You may even have initiatives in place that you are looking to expand upon.

This is where Pivotal Leadership Services can be of assistance. As highly skilled and experienced associates we can assess your organization’s strategies and programs from a leadership development perspective. We can assist in the development of your key leadership success competencies and if you wish help you put in place the plans to encourage your leaders in their own personal leadership development. We are not trainers. We focus on helping executive teams put in place the structures and methodologies and support and supplement their efforts to promote applied leadership development.

What is the Pivotal Leadership Services approach?

We believe that leadership is a conversation that pulls people towards personal responsibility and commitment. Our approach comes from many years of executive “walk the talk” experience coupled with a methodology that allows us to zone in on an organizations leadership key success factors and then build on these to align organizational objectives to personal leadership development. Because the best leadership development occurs on-the-job, we help organizations put in place plans to encourage individuals to continuously pursue their own leadership development. This means the there is an alignment and consistency with the organizations strategy and that individuals get to apply their new skills in the real world for immediate results.

How will this benefit your organization?

  • Consistent and strategically aligned leadership language across the organization consistent with corporate key leadership success factors
  • Maximize current management and leadership potential and retain talent (the average cost, at the low end, to an organization to replace senior management is twice the annual salary)
  • Satisfied Management Team (85% of managers identify the key value of individual leadership development is team moral which translated in higher productivity, The Chartered Management Institute, UK, 2002)
  • Productivity Increases as the program integrates into real world tasks.
  • Motivated Team (A safe environment is created to assist management in defining and setting concrete leadership goals that are aligned with corporate leadership success factors and strategies)
  • Increased Management confidence when dealing with challenging and new situations
  • Higher corporate performance in productivity, profitability, product/service quality and customer service.
  • Overall improved leadership performance as rated by employees.
  • Increased teamwork and commitment to the organization
  • Improved relationships with direct reports, supervisors, peers and clients
  • Develop talent into more valuable resources individually and for the organization

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